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The Purpose of Swan Rentals Ltd.' Aboriginal Relations Policy

Swan Rentals Ltd. recognizes and appreciates that we have a responsibility to establish and foster mutually beneficial relationships with First Nation Communities whose traditional territories are within the areas where Swan Rentals Ltd. conducts its business. Trust is fundamental to obtaining and maintaining our "social licence" to operate. The intent of this Policy is to lay the foundation for Swan Rentals Ltd.'s Aboriginal Engagement Process

To facilitate dialogue, understanding, management of issues and the development of solutions throughout the life cycle of our operations, Swan Rentals Ltd. will endeavour to be open and transparent; providing Local Aboriginal Communities with accurate and relevant information as it becomes available.

Full Disclosure
Swan Rentals Ltd. will strive to provide full disclosure on all matters relevant to the interests of Local Aboriginal Communities and Identified Aboriginal Communities.

Swan Rentals Ltd. will undertake efforts to respond to Local Aboriginal Community enquires in a timely and appropriate manner.

Swan Rentals Ltd. strives to be an ethical corporation and conduct all Local Aboriginal Community engagement activities according to the Company's core values.

Swan Rentals Ltd. respects all Aboriginal people, their culture, their opinions, and positions.

Swan Rentals Ltd. will actively work with Identified Aboriginal Communities to develop the trust, rapport and the understanding necessary to collaboratively work together.

Swan Rentals Ltd. will establish clear roles, responsibilities, authority and accountability for employees, consultants and managers involved in Aboriginal Community engagement activities.

Swan Rentals Ltd. recognizes the Aboriginal People of Canada as a separate and distinct society and will conduct its corporate activities in accordance with the legal rights of First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples as guaranteed by Section 35 of the Constitution and applicable Treaties.

Community Development
Swan Rentals Ltd. will endeavour to work with Identified Aboriginal Communities to identify and put in place meaningful community benefits and foster partnerships with its prospective partners.

Resolution of Disputes
Swan Rentals Ltd. will follow the Grievance Process as defined in the Aboriginal Engagement Process.

Continuous Improvement
Swan Rentals Ltd. will strive to continually improve and refine the Aboriginal Engagement Process to ensure alignment with a changing business and regulatory environment. Furthermore, Swan Rentals Ltd. will evaluate and measure all Aboriginal engagement activities to collect best practices and develop tools and resources to interact with Local Aboriginal Communities.

This policy applies to all Swan Rentals Ltd. activities, wherever we operate. Upholding these commitments to external relations is the responsibility of all Swan Rentals Ltd. employees and contractors. The President of Swan Rentals Ltd. is responsible for the approval, regular review and interpretation of this policy, as well as to provide the resources required for the continual improvement and implementation of these policy commitments.