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At Swan Rentals, one core value is held in very high regard, which is why it is at the top of our list;


  • "leave this world a better place than when you arrived"

Our Commitment

Swan Rentals Ltd. is committed to environmental stewardship in all aspects of our business. We accept responsibility and accountability in the environmental impacts of our operations in providing service to customers in our service territory.

Consistent with our goal to provide safe, reliable and efficient service to our customers, Swan Rentals Ltd. promotes the development and application of procedures to minimize the ecological impacts of our operations as well as supporting environmental sustainability in both short and long term for our current and future generations.

Swan Rentals Ltd. commits to:

  1. Meet and exceed, where practical and prudent, all environmental regulations set by legislation, government directives, and other environmental requirements to which Swan Rentals Ltd. subscribes;
  2. Continual improvement by establishing and maintaining an environmental management framework for setting and reviewing objectives and targets;
  3. Work closely with all levels of stakeholders involved in our operations to reduce environmental impacts;
  4. Involve all staff in the promotion and awareness of environmental issues through training and guidance;
  5. Identify and investigate efforts to reduce pollution, waste and the consumption of resources;
  6. Promote transparency through documenting and publishing our environmental performance;
  7. Implement and maintain a Green procurement policy;
  8. Green fleet management (emission reduction) through more efficient vehicle utilization, alternative fuels and hybrid vehicles where supported through operational processes.

Swan Rentals is currently working towards Carbon Neutral Certification as a part of our commitment to stewardship. We acknowledge that much of our operations produce harmful greenhouse gasses and by being certified carbon neutral, we are committing to not only tracking our carbon footprint, but using environmental initiatives such as planting trees to remove those greenhouse gasses that we produce from the air.