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Swan Rentals Ltd. is a premier provider of Equipment Rental solutions to the Energy and Commercial Construction Industries in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. We supply Oilfield Equipment and Construction Equipment including Rig Mats, Access Mats, Light Towers, Generators, Well Site Trailers, Support Units and Fluid Storage Tanks. Using short lead times, fast and precise delivery processes, with install and equipment configuration flexibility, we offer real solutions to procurement needs. Putting the needs of our clients first by being available 24/7/365, our clients can reach out to our executives and department directors directly, we provide genuine customer service and problem solving.

We recognize and appreciate that we have a responsibility to First Nation peoples and communities. Through the use of Joint Venture Partnerships and relationships where we actively work, we engage with Aboriginal Communities to develop trust, rapport, capacity and understanding. Swan will ensure that the First Nations who have traditional rights to the land on which we conduct our business will be treated fairly and will benefit economically from our operations.

Furthermore, we have a responsibility to the land and environment in our areas of operations. We have put in place environmental policies and initiatives to ensure that we honor our commitment to stewardship.

We are dedicated to the safety of our workers and hold a safe workplace environment paramount in all our areas of operations.

We offer vast array of equipment rental solutions and recognize that each company's needs differ greatly from one another. We would like the opportunity to engage in dialogue with you to discover what procurement and equipment needs you may have and show you how our solutions can profitably impact your operations. Our dedicated team of professionals will work with you to identify your specific needs and any issues you currently face.

We promise to provide our clients with a fully transparent understanding of how our service delivery processes meet your needs and solve any issues you are facing in a timely manner so as not to delay your project.